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 I came to Sweden on business Visa and after 20 days my work Visa is approved and I moved to work Visa within Sweden.  I didn’t go back to origin country and come back to Sweden to shift to work Visa. Migration worket didn’t asked me to do so. Will it be a problem for PR?

Regards, chitti

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1 year ago

Hi Chitti,

Thank you for your comment.

From your comment we understand that you were initially granted a business visa and that you travelled to Sweden on this. While you were in Sweden your work permit application was approved. The below is based on this understanding so please let us know if we have misunderstood the situation.

Did you notify the Migration Agency in the submitted application or in any other way that you were in Sweden before the decision for your work permit was made? This can be important for future applications. The reason for this is that the general rule is that the permit should be approved before you travel to Sweden and only under certain circumstances will the Migration Agency allow for an individual to be in Sweden when a decision is made. You can find this general rule confirmed here:

If the Migration Agency was not aware of your trip to Sweden there could potentially be issues with future applications. We would recommend that you check your decision letter that you will have received to see if there is any mention of exempting you from this (it will be written in Swedish so you may require assistance from a Swedish speaker). If you did not mention you travel to Sweden and if there is no mention of you being exempt from the general rule you may need to contact an immigration consultant or an immigration lawyer to assist further with your specific situation. The reason for this is that the Migration Agency may be able to revoke your current permit or reject an extension due to you having been in Sweden when the decision was made without informing them.

If the Migration Agency was aware of you being in Sweden before the decision was made there should not be issues with future applications. The reason for this is that the case officer will have been given the opportunity to grant you an exemption to the general rule or to request that you leave the country before a decision is made.

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