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I am 2nd year Master’s student who will graduate in July 2021. My husband accompanies me since 2 years ago, and he has been working in Sweden with a dependant residence permit since November 2019.

His company is not registered under the immigration agency so last year he applied for a work permit, and at the same time, we informed the immigration office that my study has not yet finished so if he is not granted a work permit, just extend his dependant residence permit.

Anyway, he granted a dependant visa for these reasons:

1- immigration office did not find any reason to grant you an independent work permit.
2- you applied soon.

First of all, I can not understand their reasons, can you elaborate more?

Secondly, Can he apply in July 2021 before the expiring date of our residence permit for a work permit? In other words, can a dependant of a master student can apply for a work permit after graduation of the student?

Finally, does these 2years of his working experience accounts when it comes to permanent resident permit? or it is only considered for the work permit resident holders?


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