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New rules for permanent residence as dependents in Sweden

How to get permanent residence as a dependent in Sweden 2021 The Swedish government has recently, 2021, imposed some new ...
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17 Swedish residence permit interview questions

When applying as a dependent to a Swedish citizen or someone holding permanent residence in Sweden you will in most ...
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Moving to Sweden with your family

Moving to Sweden with your family

There are many different ways for your close family members to obtain a permit to move to Sweden along with ...
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Applying for Swedish student visa residence permit with a spouse

Applying for a Swedish student visa/residence permit with a spouse

When moving to Sweden on a student visa/permit it is generally possible to bring your spouse and/or children with you ...
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work visa permit sweden exemption

Can Dependent visa holder work in Sweden?

Dependent visa/permit and working in Sweden In short, yes. They can work in Sweden without much restrictions. Dependent visa/permit holders ...
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dependent children permit visa sweden

Sweden Children Visa Requirement – Dependent Permit

Dependent Permits for Family members (Children) Children visa = dependent permit There are many different types of permits that allow ...
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work visa permit application sweden

Sweden Spouse Visa Requirements – Dependent Permit

Dependent Permits for Family members (Spouses/Partners) Spouse visa = dependent permit First, we need to clear the misunderstanding. A spouse ...
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