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COVID-19 – Impacts on Swedish immigration

As with many other countries, COVID-19 has had a large impact on people’s abilities of traveling to Sweden. Following the ...
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Guide: Sweden work permit for Indians

Indian nationals make up the second largest group of work permit applicants in Sweden based on the Migration Agency’ statistics ...
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Sweden Business Visa Duration & Limitations

The maximum Sweden business visa duration is 90 days. If you are coming to Sweden for business meetings, conferences, or ...
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Sweden work permits for Turkish citizens

Sweden work permits for Turkish citizens

Sweden work permits for Turkish citizens Turkish citizens have certain rights that most non-EU citizens do not have. Due to ...
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certified company migration sweden

How to become a Certified Company

Certified companies Becoming a Certified Company with the Migration Agency is very beneficial when it comes to work permit applications ...
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getting work permit in sweden advertising position

Getting a work permit in Sweden for Employee

This article is for employers getting a work permit in Sweden for their new employees. However, it is beneficial for ...
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sweden work permit extension rejection

Sweden Work Permit Extension Rejection

Renewing a Work Permit in Sweden Renewing a work permit in Sweden is required under the following circumstances: Your permit ...
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insurance sweden work

Sweden work permit/visa Requirements

Work Permit/Visa Requirements for Sweden So, there is a lot of other requirements of a work permit in Sweden that ...
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work permit duration sweden

Sweden work permit duration limits

How long is a Work Permit and what are you allowed to do? Your first Sweden work permit duration is ...
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work in sweden permit work visa

How to get a Work visa for Sweden

Work permits and work/business visas When coming to Sweden for work, people are often confused as to whether they need ...
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self employment visa sweden

Sweden self employment visa

Self employment in Sweden So, here's the deal. There isn't a Sweden self employment visa, however, there are other ways ...
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sweden work permit processing time timer watch

Sweden work permit processing time

Processing times Sweden work permit processing time can vary greatly depending on the permit that is being applied for and ...
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sweden work permit costs

Sweden Work Permit Cost

Costs for a permit in Sweden In Sweden there are certain costs that are associated with the application process. The ...
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