Costs for a permit in Sweden

In Sweden there are certain costs that are associated with the application process. The Migration Agency has most of the Sweden work permit cost listed on their website here which are:

Application for work permit for employees
Work permit SEK 2,000
Extension of work permit within the same occupation or with the same employer SEK 2,000
Extension of work permit within another occupation or with another employer SEK 2,000
Special fees for certain occupations  
Self-employed SEK 2,000
EU Blue Card SEK 2,000
ICT permit SEK 2,000


Application for family members of persons applying for or holding a work permit
Adult SEK 1,500
Child under 18 years of age SEK 750


sweden work permit costs

Additional Information about Work Permit Cost

It is, however, important to note that these fees are not entirely correct. The reason for this is that when submitting applications online, the online system cannot differentiate between some an extension permit or an extension within another occupation or with another employer. This means that if you are submitting an online application to change employer or change occupation, the fee will be 1,500 SEK instead of the 2,000 SEK stated above.

For standard work permits it is also permitted to bring children over 18 and up until the age of 21. In those cases the application fee for them will be the same as an adult (1,500 SEK instead of 750 SEK).

Aside from the above fees, there are no additional costs associated with the application process. Once the application has been paid for and submitted, all other parts of the process will be free. As part of the process you will be required to submit your fingerprints and a photograph at either the local embassy or an office of the Swedish Migration Agency but this process will be entirely free. Any interviews that may be required will also be free.


Japanese citizens are except from all above submission fees. When the application is being submitted there should therefore be no prompt to make a payment online.