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residence Swedish citizenship through investment

5 tips for getting citizenship in Sweden

Getting citizenship in Sweden is actually quite easy compared to in other countries. As of writing this article there is ...
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How to get a Personal Identity Number (Personnummer) in Sweden

How to get a Personal Identity Number (Personnummer) in Sweden as a permit holder A Personal Identity Number (Personnummer) in ...
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Can I move to Sweden from the UK after Brexit?

Working/living in Sweden as a UK citizen after Brexit So, you may be asking "Can I move to Sweden from ...
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Can international students work in Sweden

Can international students work in Sweden?

We get asked, can international students work in Sweden?, a lot, so here's the response. If you are an EU ...
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Job opportunities in Sweden after your masters

Finding a job in Sweden can be quite tricky depending on your field of studies. During the last decade Sweden ...
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COVID-19 – Impacts on Swedish immigration

As with many other countries, COVID-19 has had a large impact on people’s abilities of traveling to Sweden. Following the ...
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How to live and work in Sweden after higher studies

Many students who have come to Sweden to study want to stay for work once they have obtained their bachelors ...
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Doctoral student permits permanent residence sweden

17 most needed jobs in Sweden | Jobs in high demand

If you are thinking of seeking employment in Sweden it can be good to be aware of the jobs which ...
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sweden work permit business visa instruction without peaking swedish

Work in Sweden without speaking Swedish

General tips on looking for jobs in Sweden without Swedish Finding a job in Sweden from abroad can be quite ...
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